Hi, my name is Pippa Shirley. My husband Ken has been in the Construction Industry for over 20 years. I joined the business in April 2019 from the Automotive industry, a very different world to Building – or is it? Time will tell. I have joined my husband to help take some of the day to day pressure off him. I also want to raise the profile of the business and move it forward into a more environmentally aware world. This world is one which my 9-year old daughter reminds me of each day. The start of the was having made me stop in the middle of a housing estate in Warwick. She leapt onto the pavement and ran down picking up bits of plastic that had blown off the back of the lorry and placed them in a bin! I am new to all of this and on a steep learning curve. My idea is to share what I find as I go and look forward to any advice back if you have it.